Why skin analysis is the first step to treatment success

Technology is now a staple part of LED light therapy machine services, but you may have noticed that it is also increasingly used during the pre-treatment skin consultation process. Digital skin analysis tools are now recognised as the first step to successful treatment outcomes. Here’s why.

  1. It is factual Skin analysis technology engages scientific principles to measure or observe the skin’s various characteristics and imbalances. Supporting a skin consultation with fact-based data is a superior way to gain the customer’s trust in the ensuing treatment recommendations, compared to simply offering a beauty therapist’s singular opinion.

  2. It sees what we cannot Intelligent skin analysing tools are designed to delve deeper than what the human eye can see, picking up on nuances, imbalances and irregularities with striking detail. This paves the way for a far more accurate skin condition diagnosis, which better places the beauty therapist to devise a fine-tuned and appropriate treatment plan that addresses the imbalances at their root. Such fine detail may be overlooked without skin analysis technology, which heightens the risk of missing the mark on a treatment recommendation, which can lead to results that the client feels are unsatisfying.
  3. It enhances professionality
    In these tech-driven times, customers now expect the absolute best in the treatment room, and they also expect value for their time and money. Providing customers with the latest treatment technologies and skin analysis tools enhances the customer experience, helping them to feel that they are receiving the best service available. It also demonstrates that a beauty therapist is serious about staying abreast of industry advancements in order to deliver up-to-the-minute services that yield the highest possible clinical results.









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