The Many Faces Of LED Light Therapy

The power and versatility of a LED Light Therapy Machine has proven time and again it one of the most valuable facial enhancement tools available today.  While it is an effective stand-alone service, LED can really work its magic when combined with additional therapies for the results that many customers seek.  While LED light therapy machines have been around for quite some time, the technology continues to advance.  Let’s take a look at how this painless, easy to use device can garner substantially improved results to almost any skin care service.

LED light therapy machines have four distinct options.  The red light assists with anti-aging by generating the production of collagen and elastin.  The blue light kills bacteria to clear acne and clogged pores.  Green targets hyperpigmentation and sun damage, while yellow works to detoxify and calm redness and irritation.  Applying the appropriate serum, cream or mask prior to the light application allows for deeper product penetration, hence a more effective treatment.  And best of all, its gentle, relaxing and the end result is healthier and more vibrant skin.


More and more clients are in search of that all-encompassing facial that will impart immediate lift and glow before a special event - such as a wedding, reunion or for when a great impression is needed. The addition of a LED light therapy machine is an ideal way to unite all the best skin care components to craft the ultimate layered facial.  Here is one of our favorite treatment recipes, but we encourage you to get creative and explore a myriad of options:

Step One: Reveal brighter, fresher skin with a microdermabrasion machine.

Step Two: Nourish and invigorate with oxygen therapy.

Step Three: Tighten pores, soothe and rejuvenate with LED therapy.

When used in conjunction with microcurrent facial toning, the results are even more dramatic.


With its ability to heal and calm inflamed skin, LED light therapy is an effective and highly recommended add-on to services delivered with an IPL machine. To put it plainly, there is no downtime or down side to LED light therapy.  The initial investment will pay off in no time as LED is appropriate for all skin types.  There is no possibility of skin damage and esthetician of all skill levels can perform LED therapy with ease.   

To learn more about how LED can help grow your business and increase client satisfaction, start with our Gold Standard customer service at 1300 655 013 (Australia) or 08 044 3625 (New Zealand).

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